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RD FD Software – Credit Co-operative Society Software


RD FD Software

RD FD is a new word in the world of network promotion. As we are quite conscious with the idea of network promotion and getting benefits with this short of strategy. RD/FD usually relates regular down payment and set down payment and this application remedy usually connected Credit Co-operative Society organizations as we are much conscious from some of organizations that provide us service to use our finance in better manner where we can save the making and can get advantage of our quantity after investing it for certain period of time on the part of any contract like property buy of gold buy. On the semi-liar idea many big organizations of Credit Co-operative Society Software. Already working from more than ten years and many of their contract owner getting advantage.

Our RD FD Software provides the service for agent and contract signing up and contract adulthood computation and other percentage computation and other claim computation.

RD FD Software are for repeating and set remains. This is a sort of small financial Software. Here a customer can have an account with the organization & down payment the money in the shape of set remains or we can say the quantity can be compensated in a single sequel to grow with the organization while in repeating remains the same quantity can be compensated in several but equivalent installments

There could be some different plans for different tenures & different quantity and obviously with different rate of Interest. On adulthood the viewpoint quantity would be compensated to that customer. Through this application the organization can process all the reviews & trade them to succeed piece as well as turn those to PDF structure.