How to recover with bad backlinks: Just Do a Disavow – Matt Cutts


In the post-Penguin globe, website owners has become extremely conscious of the risks of low-quality hyperlinks directing to their website. Many fear such hyperlinks, such as those from an adult website, could damage their Search engines visitors and positions – even if they had nothing to do with acquiring them.

So if website owners are following the appropriate actions on bad inbound links, can those hyperlinks – especially if they were produced by opponent – still damage your website? That is the query in the newest Search engines Website owner Help video:

Lately I discovered two adult websites connecting to my website. I disavow those hyperlinks and had written for administrators asking them to eliminate those hyperlinks but… what can I do if someone, (my competition), is trying to damage me with bad backlinks?

Google’s Recognized Professional He Cutts said that is accurately what a webmaster should do in the scenario. Try to get in touch with the website to take care of it to get the hyperlinks eliminated. If that does not perform, then publish the hyperlinks for Search engines to disavow.

Cutts said that if the hyperlinks are on websites you do not want to be associated with at all, to go and disavow the website from the sector stage (e.g., rather than that the actual web page the weblink seems to be on (e.g.,

Once you have finished these actions, Cutts said you should no more have to fear about those hyperlinks damaging your website.


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