Matt Cutts says: No More PageRank Updates. This Year the clear choice


Page RankMatt Cutts said on Twitter yesterday that Google won’t be approaching out a new Google Toolbar Page Rank update this year. Niels Boschasked on Twitter if we should expect an update to Page Rank before 2014. In response to that, Matt Cutts said, “I would be surprised if that happened.” It has now been 8 months since the last Google Toolbar Page Rank update. In fact, the last update was on February 4, 2013 and honestly, I think Page Rank is finally dead – at least the Toolbar Page Rank. I’d be surprised if there was another Toolbar Page Rank update ever. Maybe Google will do one next year and then let it quietly go away evermore.

Over the years, hold up for Page Rank has dropped. Google never offered a Google Toolbar for Chrome or any add-on to show Page Rank values. Google dropped the Google Toolbar for Firefox in June 2011. Internet Explorer is the last browser to still have a Page Rank display offered by Google, but the data that flows into that display hasn’t been updated for over six months. When we asked Google two months ago about when the next update would come, Google had no comment.

Earlier this year, Google said that Page Rank in the toolbar wouldn’t be going away:

Why don’t you turn off the Page Rank feature in the Google Toolbar?:

Update: This afternoon, Matt Cutts posted this timely video on Page Rank:

Why isn’t my site’s PageRank changing?

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