5 On-Page SEO techniques after penguin 2.1 update building a better tomorrow.



1   Content is always King.

  • Content must be unique and informative such that Web page meta description, text, Blog Post, Press Release, Forum Comment, Blog comments, Articles Writing  etc.)
  • Frequency Post New Articles Content.
  • Content published on the website first
  • Contain Content in video and Image descriptions
  • Publish Useful Content on Your Web Site.
  • Make public Content that is well researched.

2   Write Well and Define Page titles, description and formatting

  • Unique and Informative title tag that will help both search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc.) and users understand.
  • Meta tag Description and induce the searcher to click your link ( 150 character)
  • Using Heading tags (h1 to h6 tag) also includes bold, underline or italics to emphasize content.
  • Image tag ( Use original images, optimize the size of the images, Use ALT tag to describe the title tag, and Image size must be 8-10kb.

3  Correct URL Structure

  • Website UR – Length should be less than 255 characters and mostly use hyphens (-).
  • Group – Web pages into categories to assist users and search engines.
  • User Sitemap – represents the structure of the website.
  • Breadcrumb –  shows below the home page.

4   Web Page Internal linking

  • It’s Just like link building your own web page.
  • It’s a method to let search engines know familiar with the additional web pages.
  • It’s a method to tell search engines which are your most significant web pages
  • It’s a method to increase visitor time on the website
  • Don’t use particular keywords for internal links.
  • Write interrelated posts’ at the end of each location for internal links.

5   Speed and authorship

  • Google judge website speed but various research declares site speed doesn’t affect google    ranking.
  • Google authorship is still in its early stages but it’s gaining soil quick so you have to generate a Google+ profile and attach the profile with your content.

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