Latest Definition of SEO


The way we market, sell and deliver SEO services has undoubtedly changed. Google’s algorithm updates have made content marketing and social media the core of a strong organic search strategy. So while the practice of SEO evolves, the definition of SEO ought to evolve as well.

Other digital marketing tactics such as email marketing, paid search and search retargeting have very clear, undisputed definitions. The definition of SEO, on the other hand, seems to be just as unclear as the practice itself.

What is SEO

Current Definitions of SEO

Even when you Google the phrase, “definition of SEO”, nothing really concrete is returned.

Wikipedia’s official definition is, “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page.”

Search engine optimization is about way more than this.

The Webopedia’s definition is, “a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.”

SEO is more than this too.
Is Web Presence Optimization the Evolution of SEO?

So what is an accurate description of SEO given the changes to the industry?

Web presence optimization is an all-encompassing approach to optimizing an entire web presence for organic search including the website, social channels, blogs, articles and press releases. Where strategies, techniques, and tactics are still used, but content marketing and social media are strongly incorporated.

Hieracrchy of Web Presence Optimization

What’s Your Definition of SEO?

Here are some new definitions of SEO to consider, and I invite you to comment below with your own.

  1. SEO is the ongoing process of uncovering and discovering non-branded keywords that are driving organic search traffic and conversions, then publishing content optimized for those keywords.
  2. SEO is the process of producing optimized content that is discoverable by the target audience as they progress through the buying cycle.
  3. SEO is about a prospect discovering a brand’s content and web presence through search and social, and the owner of that content being able to understand who consumed the content and the impact of the content across the organization.
  4. SEO is the outcome of a content marketing strategy that makes use of highly converting keywords that your target audience is searching for.
  5. SEO is the process of enhancing the visibility of a brand’s web presence in organic search.

SEO in the digital marketing mix is here to stay. Standardizing a definition of SEO will help buyers better understand the importance of it, the reason for committing to it, and the short- and long-term impact an SEO strategy has on a web presence.

Join the conversation and share your thoughts about the definition of SEO.



Inspiration to Keep Going in MLM Business


How do you keep going in your MLM Business when you experience the walls is ending in? Working with the pressure, disappointment, disappointment is part of the MLM Company. It is likely that you will need to recalibrate some considering to get previous these places. Get your beneficial circulation on! This implies that you have to see previous the small things and get your eyes on the award. The industry is for the challenging skinned, not for those looking for wide wealth easily.

MLM Software Company

You can remain inspired in your MLM Business. Focus on your objectives, make them to have significance and your times will be efficient. Take action with your knowledge; convert them into useful abilities for your company. Pay attention to the lessons again; get over the challenges with tolerance. Keep trying your thoughts and if you experience disappointed. Keep trying and going back to guides, you might discover your problem in a video clip or an information that taking walks you through. Some people experience from techno fear or other problems that are harming their company.

If you want a serious earnings, reputation and regard, you will have to get over your complications and become a remedy that programs beneficial energy in activity. Your feelings will impact everything that you do. If you awaken in a nasty feeling, do not anticipate obvious air until you raise the veil of grays from your eyes. You have to understand to encourage yourself, treat the brain with beneficial energy and carry out your information into abilities. Your information is only as efficient as much as you use it as abilities. If you know a lot about public networking, take your information and make it an expertise. You can experience they get rid of of the information to expertise modification easily.

Do what keeps you inspired. You will discover that your durability for the company will improve. Your Multi Level Marketing Company will strengthen in the journey and your pizza will have the breeze beneath them. A beneficial thoughts is one that is challenging to tremble. So concentrate on what motivates you and use it as you work throughout the day. This implies, spending some time to reflect or pay attention to jazz music and you will discover the inner serenity. Analysis of new information about a subject that is unpleasant you and you can convert it into an expertise. You are valuable; you have to identify your value before anyone else does.

How to recover with bad backlinks: Just Do a Disavow – Matt Cutts


In the post-Penguin globe, website owners has become extremely conscious of the risks of low-quality hyperlinks directing to their website. Many fear such hyperlinks, such as those from an adult website, could damage their Search engines visitors and positions – even if they had nothing to do with acquiring them.

So if website owners are following the appropriate actions on bad inbound links, can those hyperlinks – especially if they were produced by opponent – still damage your website? That is the query in the newest Search engines Website owner Help video:

Lately I discovered two adult websites connecting to my website. I disavow those hyperlinks and had written for administrators asking them to eliminate those hyperlinks but… what can I do if someone, (my competition), is trying to damage me with bad backlinks?

Google’s Recognized Professional He Cutts said that is accurately what a webmaster should do in the scenario. Try to get in touch with the website to take care of it to get the hyperlinks eliminated. If that does not perform, then publish the hyperlinks for Search engines to disavow.

Cutts said that if the hyperlinks are on websites you do not want to be associated with at all, to go and disavow the website from the sector stage (e.g., rather than that the actual web page the weblink seems to be on (e.g.,

Once you have finished these actions, Cutts said you should no more have to fear about those hyperlinks damaging your website.

Google Confirms Panda Update Is Rolling Out: This One Is More “Finely Targeted”


Today, I observed a possible Panda upgrade was moving out, one that seemed to be “softer” in characteristics than the past up-dates, where many website owners who were initially hit by the criteria are now declaring restoration.


Google has verified a Panda upgrade has created and this particular upgrade is “more perfectly focused.”

As you may keep in mind, Search engines informed us new Panda methods are being forced out per month over a ten day interval. Google’s He Cutts did suggest there was a bit of a wait in forcing out their per month Panda renew because they desired to launch alerts that would ease the criteria a bit.

Google verified with us that a Panda upgrade is being launched and said:

In the last few times we’ve been forcing out a new Panda upgrade that features new alerts so it can be more perfectly focused.

This is despite Search engines informing us they are unlikely to validate upcoming Panda up-dates.

There does seem to be a extensive variety of SEOs and website owners declaring recoveries here. I certainly wish you have retrieved.

We are not exactly sure what variety of Panda up-dates were up to, if I had name this one, I’d brand it edition 26.

Panda Update 1, Feb. 24, 2011 (11.8% of queries; announced; English in US only)




Panda Update 26, July 18, 2013 (confirmed)

How To Success In MLM Business


Your overall MLM achievements are mainly placed on doing things effectively right from the beginning. Just like any other company, Multi level Marketing needs a thorough technique that will not only help you develop a real company but also warning you from the unforeseen surf and tides that may occur along the way. Below is an information on how to be successful in multilevel promotion.

Set Observable And Possible Goals.

Ideally, your goals should revolve around what you want to achieve (your vision), timeframes and finally how to get there. The best way of achieving goals within the stipulated timeframe is to break them down into manageable bits. For example, you can choose to assess certain goals on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. Consistency is very instrumental in this regard and therefore you should consider it a crucial virtue right from the beginning.

Multi Level Marketing

Acquire appropriate coaching.

While salesmanship can be a natural skill, the substance of looking for MLM coaching cannot be overemphasized. Studying the concepts and methods of this business gives you an advantage and goes a lengthy way towards making you a reliable business owner. You need to be prepared with the best ways through which you can achieve your prospective systems for the reasons of developing significant down-line.

Promote your items.

Dealing with the most-sought-after items is not adequate to help you create palpable progress in MLM promotion. You have to market your company through appropriate programs. The internet provides us the best opportunity through which you can enhance your company and accomplish incredible outcomes. Internet promotion methods consist of developing a website, weblog, content promotion and distributing promotion video clips to your leads. You should also create excellent use of the testimonials.


MLM achievements, to a huge level, can be found on how well you provide your down-line with abilities on how to develop the company by copying what they have learned from you. This essentially implies that on top of hiring more people, you need to create sure that you provide them with the essential abilities, which they will also be able to successfully transfer to their down-line.

Accommodate a ‘No’.

This is a term that you are likely to listen to from your leads quite often. The best way to cope with this is by recognizing the simple reality your probability systems are eligible to their own views and they usually do not cope with you in personal conditions.

Keep shifting.

The need for determination in MLM promotion is certainly beyond argument. It is excellent to appreciate the point that making a powerful MLM group requires both determination. There are those who will most likely fall out, which is an action that can quickly reduce your soul. The key is to keep connecting in until you accomplish your objectives. After all, the advantages in the end far over-shadow the teething issues associated with beginning a multilevel promotion. Simply speaking, half-heartedness has no place in MLM marketing; you must develop a powerful determination in order to obtain your base collections.

With the above-mentioned MLM achievements methods, you will be able to avoid faults and variance that are likely to impact your organization’s development and success prospective both in the brief and long-run.


Matt Cutts: Rankings Won’t Drop If Site Goes Down For Short Period Of Time


Back when Googlebot used to crawl your site once a month and rank your site accordingly during the monthly Google Dance, the sheer terror webmasters used to have that their website might be down when Googlebot came to crawl was quite common.

Fortunately, times the changed and Googlebot is regularly accessing websites on a very regular basis. However, one of the notifications in Google’s Webmaster Tools is a notice if a website is down when Google crawls.

A new Google Webmaster help video brings up the subject of what exactly happens when Googlebot can’t access the site and how that might affect Google search rankings.

According to Google’s Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts if your website is down just for a day, such as your host being down or a server transfer, there shouldn’t be any negative impact to your search rankings. However, if the downtime is extended, such as for two weeks, it could have impact on your search rankings because Google doesn’t necessarily want to send the user to a website that they know has been down, because it provides the user with a poor user experience.

Google does make allowances for websites that are sporadically having downtime, so Googlebot will visit again 24 hours later so and see if the site is accessible.

Cutts did mention that if you think the problem isn’t with your website, go and visit the Google Webmaster help forums and see if there’s some similar posts from people having the same issue. He brought up a recent instance where Googlebot actually was having a problem on its end fetching pages when it came to accessing websites, and well many others got the notice that their website was down, a quick look at the forums showed that several people were having the exact same issue and so the problem was on Googlebot’s end.

Google does include this on Webmaster Tools notices to simply give webmasters a heads-up that there could be a problem with their websites, so it gives webmasters and alert to investigate what the problem could be. But if it is just for a short period of time and the issue resolves itself quickly, such as with a hosting company short downtime, there is no need for concern about it affecting your Google search rankings.

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Inventory Management Software


An Inventory Management Software arranges the date information and makes it much simpler to monitor resources, purchases and supply. It has functions which allow you to create records such as a work purchase, query demand, invoice of components, or a BOM, and evaluation linens. The primary benefit of using an Inventory Management Software is that issues like overstocking or failures of items can be prevented.


There are many modifications in the functions provided by various application programs. The most effective and the best Inventory Software will cover the following functions at the least.

Order Control

Inventory store is capable of showing you that the result or raw content needs to be reordered if it gets to a certain limit level. This will help you in preventing lack of resources as well as excess of them. An overstocking of components is not exactly a smart idea because it waste material space.

Service Control

If your company offers in services rather than items, then also you can implement Inventory Management Software  agreement application to monitor your content costs. You can then discuss these prices on your purchases to make customers realize that you are asking for them a reasonable amount.

Product Recognition

As already described, bar requirements are a natural function of the Inventory Management Software. They are used for providing the product information into the system, and can later be used to recognize the product. You can use this information to recognize the items.


The most basic use and benefits of Inventory Management Software is developing records such as purchases and BOMs. This allows you to easily set up the required resources and components that are needed for doing particular projects. As a result, the development performance improves and so do generating.

You can use Inventory Software for developing multilevel purchases and BOMS if the projects are complicated. These records function a schedule of different procedures that need to be performed in the same successive purchase for the proper manufacturing of the product. Other possible uses of Inventory Management include tracking the stock and purchasing resources when they are about to complete, which prevents recovery time.