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Is Page Rank Finally Dead? Google Had No Comment On Next Updation


Want to know what the PageRank of a website is? The ability to easily do this using the Google Toolbar has gotten harder over the years, with the latest blow being no update in values for the past seven months.

Website PageRank

The Google Toolbar is how non-tech-savvy people can find out how much Google trusts a website, as revealed by its Website PageRank value. That is why Google involved a Website Page Rank display to its Google Toolbar years ago, to help clients know this, as it explains in its help area.

But over the years, support for PageRank has decreased. Search engines never provided a Search engine Plugin for Chrome or any add-on to show Page Rank principles. Search engines decreased the Search engines Plugin for Firefox in June 2011.

Internet Explorer is the last internet browser to still have a PageRank show provided by Search engines, but the information that moves into that show has not been modified for over six months.

When requested when the next upgrade would come, Google had no comment.

Earlier this season, Google said that PageRank in the plugin would not be going away:

Maybe it has not officially, but in exercise, Google’s failing to upgrade the PageRank principles might successfully be eliminating it, all the same.